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Breakfast with the Pope?

Susan Vigilante, an average Catholic wife from Long Island, woke up one morning in the romantic Italian hillside near the ancient village of Castel Gandolfo and had breakfast with Pope John Paul II.

How did she get here? And what does she think she is doing!

Breakfast with the Pope is the funny, endearing, searing, and relentlessly honest story of a woman on a pilgrimage. Under the hot Italian sun Susan wrestles with the great questions: the meaning of love in the face of betrayal, the agony of childlessness, and how a God of love can answer prayers with heartbreak.

Beautifully set in locales rocketing from Manhattan’s tony upper-east side to the summer palace of the Popes, from working class Queens to the splendors of renaissance Rome and the sublime spirituality of medieval Umbria, this is a book you will never forget. This is an often hilarious, always deeply moving spiritual memoir about seeking creativity in the midst or barrenness, faith in the midst of doubt and compassion in the midst of suffering, and above all choosing love even knowing it never comes without a price. For Vigilante seeks not contentment but truth, even when it hurts.

“Pope” Author Pledges Royalties to Build Pope John Paul II School in Cambodia

Goal: keep girls in school, away from human traffickers

Special signed copy program doubles aid for Cambodia’s poorest

Susan Vigilante, author of Breakfast with the Pope, announced today that she is using her book royalties to help build a school in Cambodia to be named after Pope John Paul II.

Read the Rest of the Press Release Here

Readers Love Having Breakfast With the Pope!
  • “grabbed my heart and didn't let go.” —S. Bengston (Plymouth, MN)
  • “She says things everybody feels, but nobody says.” —BB (Hawaii, USA)
  • “deeply personal portrait of John Paul II” —MG (Reston, VA)
  • “hilarious, and heart-wrenching” —Chris (Oregon, USA)
  • “To experience that with her, it was very healing…. It made me feel ‘I will get through that too.’ ” —“Stackey” (“North of 694”)
  • “Alternately charming and harrowing, a memoir of a series of trials that an extraordinarily honest and talented woman undergoes while . . . transformed by a series of encounters with one of the great figures of the last century, John Paul II. . . . modern, funny, Italy-loving, urbane, unflappable -- and painfully honest.” —Mark Rutherford (New York)
  • “raw, real.. A real page turner for me” —Lisa (Crystal, MN)
  • “I felt like I was in Rome with her” —SB (USA)
  • “It made me love my holy father that much more” —Julie, (Maple Grove)
  • “Every once in a while a book comes along that my wife and I want to read together. This was one. . . it turned out to be another Story of a Soul, but modern Manhattan style. Not the innocence of St. Therese, but the psychological damage of modern life and ultimate triumph through the life of faith. .  . I looked forward to that time together that week while we tore through the book.” —Jay (Sterling, VA)
  • “Warm, serious, engaging, beautifully written” —Rosalind (Arlington, VA)
  • “one woman's spiritual journey through some of life's most vexing challenges - alternately moving and hilarious. Vigilante's vivid prose brings each scene to life, whether it's set at Castel Gandolfo, the Pope's summer residence, or a swank cocktail party in an apartment overlooking Central Park in Manhattan. —Kate (USA)
  • “... heartwarming, deep, soul searching, irreverent, and often hilarious true story is a testimony to human spirit, friendship, love and deep faith. I am not Catholic, but . . . her life struggles are the ones we all must grapple with. I read without stopping and wished there were 100 more pages!” —Kate Feldman (Hesperus, CO)
  • “You will read this book cover to cover. An honest Catholic living her faith in the midst of the world's challenges.” —Kim (Plymouth, MN)
  • “The most irreverent, reverent book I have read in a long time. Best enjoyed when read aloud to close friends—you’ll get closer!” —Ashby (Jackson, MS)
  • “gut-wrenching . . . honesty and great humor. . . . Another excellent part of the book is her experience in celebrating Mass with the Holy Father. What she had to say about the Pope and the Eucharist seems so true to me it is something I will always associate with Pope John Paul II.” —Jeffrey Miller "The Curt Jester" (Jacksonville, FL)
  • “A powerful book ... great scenes throughout, but the ending is the best part.” —Katy (USA)
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